An excellent way to protect the integrity of your vacuum bagged, flash frozen Green-Fed Sage Mountain Beef (and the integrity of your budget)!

18 Quart Logo Cooler $20.00  Qty: Price:

A requirement of your Sage Mountain Beef CSA membership, this special insulated box (Coleman 18 quart Party Stacker Cooler) will fast become a favorite of your family.

Our Coolers are unique in that they have the Sage Mountain Beef logo on the side.

In between CSA pick ups, you can support our CSA by using a Cooler with our logo on the side, and also by the words that come out of your mouth (praising the quality of our products and your wisdom in purchasing them).

You and your family can also enjoy a cooler that holds 20 cans (or 12 bottles), plus ice, and is tall enough for a wine bottle.

Included is 1 (one) special Coleman 18 quart Party Stacker Cooler with the Sage Mountain Beef logo on each side.

    Unlike most cattle, Sage Mountain Beef steers get to graze on an organic "salad-bar" of watermelon and butternut squash plants, alfalfa, wheat grasses and other forages. This is why we refer to our cows as being Green-Fed?, instead of grass-fed or grain-fed. The nutritional values of a variety of greens cannot be matched by a single grass or grain food source.

    The result is beef that is healthy and nutritious, with flavor that can't be beat by most cattle growers. Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only, and are not of the actual product. They are stock photos of a similar product that has been professionally photographed, and may not represent the same size, weight or other characteristics of the actual product.