CSA Subsribers: Please read and submit our CSA Membership Agreement.

The $40 Membership Fee includes one of our special Logo Coolers and a $20 administration fee to help for software and packing the orders.

 if your Cooler is returned in sale-able condition we will  refund $20 of your membership fee.

Your Membership also includes a free subscription to our Monthly Newsletter, "The Green-Fed™ Revolution.

Pledges for Beef Packages:

A pledge is not an order. It is more like a pre-order. It is your "pledge" to support the Green-Fed™ Revolution by pre-ordering either a portion (HALF, QUARTER, EIGHTH ) of, or a WHOLE BEEF,

Your pledge allows us to reserve a Steer (or portion of a Steer) for you and to better manage our herd. Payment up front helps us to pay the expenses involved in raising your animal.

You will be notified
(as soon as we know when we can fulfill your pledge) in order to make arrangements for delivery to your home or business.