All Natural Whole (or half) Pig!

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Whole Pig, humanly raised in real dirt with a diet of Organic Fruit and Vegetables from the Farm, Organic Alfalfa and Beer Mash from our local Breweries. Customize your cuts, choose your sausage flavors, how thick you want you Bacon, Pork Chops, Smoked hams and more options!

Whole pig, approx.120 lb. $1,250.00  Qty: Price:
One-half; approx. 60 lb. $650.00  Qty: Price:

These Pigs are raised in dirt (not concrete like you get in the stores, restaurants, caterers and everywhere else you might eat Pork). Only small Farmers raise their Pigs on dirt and mud. These pigs enjoy thousands and thousands of pounds of certified organic vegetables that don't sell at the farmers markets, they also get all of the crop loss's, plant material and fruit. They are fed large amounts of avocados (culls that have a dent or bruise). We also feed them Beer mash (spent grains) from our local breweries, the mash doesn't have to be hauled to the dump, it comes straight here and is high in protein. The Pigs are never given antibiotics,, hormones or other drugs that factory farms put into their feed. You will probably not find a better quality piece of Pork out there!

If you need it delivered in a new freezer that is an additional $150 and you get to keep the freezer!

    Unlike most cattle, Sage Mountain Beef steers get to graze on an organic "salad-bar" of watermelon and butternut squash plants, alfalfa, wheat grasses and other forages. This is why we refer to our cows as being Green-Fed?, instead of grass-fed or grain-fed. The nutritional values of a variety of greens cannot be matched by a single grass or grain food source.

    The result is beef that is healthy and nutritious, with flavor that can't be beat by most cattle growers. Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only, and are not of the actual product. They are stock photos of a similar product that has been professionally photographed, and may not represent the same size, weight or other characteristics of the actual product.